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Precut widow tint film!

EVOFILM® is a precut window tint film of the highest quality which anybody can apply without any prior knowledge. EVOFILM® is adhesive-free and removable. Window tint film can be taken off and reapplied with the same successful results.

Precut window tint

EVOFILM® is a precut film that can be easily removed.

Static cling film

EVOFILM® is an adhesive-free,  window tint film which is applied with water.

Removable window tint film

EVOFILM® is always delivered precut for your car model for easy application.

Precut window tint film - tinting grades

EVOFILM® is available with several different tinting levels to suit all types of requirements, depending on whether your priority is to reduce transparency, to give a cool appearance, or if you are most interested in cutting down the heat coming in the car. EVOFILM® is always delivered as precut window tint film.

EVO 95 Black

The original! Absolutely our most sold window tint film. Your visibility is good, but no-one sees into the car. With a tinting level of 95% (VLT 5%) and a reduction of radiative heat up to 80%.

EVO 50 Smoke

A slightly smoked window tint film. Perfect for just the front door windows. With a tinting level of 50% (VLT 50%) and a reduction of radiative heat up to 48%

EVO 75 Dark

A dark window tint film for those who want a cool appearance with some transparency. With a tinting level of 75% (VLT 25%) and a reduction of radiative heat up to 55%.


A very lightly-colored (a weak ice-blue tone) window tint. film for those whose priority is coolness instead of dark windows. With a tinting level of 25% (VLT 75%) and, with the help of nanotechnology, an unbelievable reduction of radiative heat up to 86%!

Precut window tint film - technical specifications

EVOFILM® precut window tint film is made from soft PVC which does not need to be shrunk, shaped or joined to be applied to a curved window. The window tint film is so thin (0.006 inches/0,15 mm) and elastic that it 'flows' and shapes itself with the curvature of a window.

Precut window tint film 5% VLT
  • Tinting level 95%
  • Light transmission 5%
  • UV reduction 98%
  • IR reduction 79%
  • Rear doors, trunk door
  • Dark Black

Precut window tint film 50% VLT
  • Tinting level 50%
  • Light transmission 50%
  • UV reduction 84%
  • IR reduction 48%
  • Front doors
  • Light Smoke

Precut window tint film 25% VLT

  • Tinting level 75%
  • Light transmission 25%
  • UV reduction 98%
  • IR reduction 55%
  • Rear doors, trunk door
  • Black

Precut window tint film 75% VLT

  • Tinting level 25%
  • Light transmission 75%
  • UV reduction 99%
  • IR reduction 86%
  • Front doors
  • Very Light Ice

Precut flexible PVC window tint film which tolerates punishing treatment!

EVOFILM® flexible window tint film is completely unaffected by folding or bending. EVOFILM® can be taken off and reapplied with the same successful results. This type of window tint film requires no prior knowledge or special tools.

Removable window tint film for cars.

Precut window tint film with a 5-year warranty!

EVOFILM® has a 5-year warranty which covers color fastness and splitting or cracking of the window tint film. In addition, we provide comprehensive guarantees. And naturally, all of our guarantees follow the car if you should sell it.

EVOFILM® is a safe, high-quality sun protection product which lowers heat radiation coming into the car by up to about 80%, and reduces UV radiation by up to about 99%, depending on which film is applied.

The sun tint film is certified according to the European Union's REACH regulatory system for protection against dangerous chemicals, and according to EN71-3, for protection against the migration of harmful substances. 

Window tint film for cars