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How to install window tint for cars

Before diving into the steps for applying window tint film, it's crucial to approach the task with a calm and methodical mindset. Working without rush and ensuring you're well-rested can significantly enhance the quality of the installation.

Tips before you start: 

  • Consider distilled water: To avoid small white dots after drying, which can occur with lime-rich or overly detergent-mixed water, consider using distilled water and minimal solvent (about 1 drop per pint).
  • Opt for Lukewarm Water: The temperature of the water used can impact the application process, especially in colder weather. Using lukewarm water helps prevent the window from being too cold when applying the film.
  • Clean with Alcohol: Starting with a thoroughly clean window is paramount. Cleaning with alcohol and a soft sponge, followed by wiping with a lint-free cloth, like microfiber, ensures the window is free from particles before film application.
  • Rinse the Film Thoroughly: Before application, immerse the film in mounting fluid to eliminate any particles. Applying the film with disposable gloves can prevent additional contamination.
  • Frequent Spraying and Gentle Scraping: Always moisten the film with plenty of liquid before scraping. Use overlapping strokes without pressing too hard to avoid damaging the film.

How to apply window tint film - Step by step  

Begin by cleaning the car window, then spray soap water on both the window and the film. Next, apply the film and use a squeegee to remove excess liquid. After the film is applied, it should be left to dry for 24 hours.

Applying window tint film cleaning

1. Clean the windows thoroughly in order to remove grease and dirt.

Applying window tint film mixing fluid

2. Mix water with soap in a spray bottle.

Applying window tint film spray

3. Generously spray both window and film with the solution.

Adjusting window tint film

4. Apply the film on the window and adjust it carefully.

Scraping window tint film

5. Use a squeegee to remove all the water between the window and the film.

Cleaning window tint film

6. Allow the film to dry for at least 24 hours before cleaning or rolling down the window.

How to install EVOFILM 

EVOFILM® solar film is a high-quality pre-cut solar film for tinting windows on all car models, this page provides a detailed walkthrough of the process, including images and videos. 

With EVOFILM ® solar film, it is easy to tone the windows of a car yourself at a reasonable price. Here we show how it works.The instructions for installing EVOFILM can be read, downloaded or printed here. The assembly instructions are available in Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, French, English, Polish, Czech, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian and Arabic. Installation videos in the various languages can be found here.

Video 1. Installing EVOFILM window tint film on fixed car windows

This how you install EVOFILM window tint film on fixed car windows.

Video 2. Installing EVOFILM window tint film on windows in car doors

This how you install EVOFILM window tint film on windows in car doors.

Good to know when applying tint film

Applying window tint film need not be so difficult. Here you will find our best tips and tricks to be successful in applying your window tint film.

Applying window tint film can be both simple and complicated. Adhesive-free precut window tint film does not require a lot of prior knowledge or any special tools to get a good result. If you are going to apply adhesive-mounted window tint film and have not done it before, you should get help from someone knowledgeable. 

Applying window tint film

Professional tips for applying window tint film

The most important thing for a successful result is to work calmly and methodically. Measured, rested and without time pressure is our best professional tip!

1. Use warm water

Use lukewarm water. The colder the outside, the warmer the water. The window should not be ice cold when applying window tint film. Plain water usually works well, but water which is too lime-rich can result in small white dots when the film has dried. Use distilled water (costing a few bucks at the gas station) if you want to be absolutely sure of a perfect result. Too much detergent can also result in small white dots when the film has dried. Therefore, do not overdose the solvent. 1 drop/pint.

2. Clean with alcohol

An absolutely clean window is the most important thing for a good end result. Feel free to start cleaning with spirit and soft sponge. Wipe clean with lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth. Spray the window with mounting fluid and remove the water with the ordinary window rubber scraper as in the previous step. The window is then absolutely clean from particles before you start to apply the film.

3. Rinse the film

Rinse the film in a bucket or tub of mounting fluid to thoroughly remove all particles from the film, before spraying the mounting liquid and putting the film in position. Use disposable gloves when you apply the film.

4. Spray the film repeatedly

Never drag the scraper without any liquid on the film. Spray plenty of liquid on the outside of the film each time before starting to draw the liquid out from under the film. Drag the scraper with overlapping stokes, and do not press too hard with the scraper, as this might damage the film.

5. Be patient

Do not mount different tint film in temperatures of more than +25 degrees, or below +4 degrees (frost). Allow the film to dry thoroughly before cleaning or rolling down the windows. Allow to dry, preferably in a garage, for at least 24-48 hours before using the car, and keep in mind that it may take up to a week before the film has dried properly. The colder it is, the longer the drying time.

Problems with window tint film?

Almost all of the problems with window tint film, regardless of type, are due to a poor application. In the case of removable adhesive-free window tint film, the problem is very easy to solve. Remove the film and reapply after reading the assembly instructions carefully, at least twice. If you have applied adhesive-mounted window tint film and the film has dried, it is very difficult to correct any problems afterwards. You should then consult a professional or repeat the work.

Problems with window tint film?

The window tint film does not fit

If you ordered precut window tint film, it should of course fit the window of your car, but if you want to cut the film for some reason, then use a stainless-steel razor blade. If you are going to cut the window tint film against the glass, cut carefully so that the blade does not scratch the glass.

The window tint film comes off

Window tint film can come off if you have not succeeded in squeezing away all the water between the window tint film and the window. Then the window tint film cannot attach properly. Alternatively, it didn't get to dry properly before rolling down the windows. Whatever the cause, the problem is easy to solve if you have used removable window tint film. Remove the entire window tint film, clean the window and film, and reapply it correctly. Be sure to mount the window tint film 0.08 inches/2-3 mm below the edge of the window that will be rolled down, so that it does not protrude and drag against the edge when you roll up the window.

Why does small white dots appear on the window tint film?

If you see small white dots on the window from outside the car when the window tint film has dried in, it is because of dust grains sticking to the film, the hardness of the water, or too much detergent in the water. Whatever the cause, the problem is easy to solve if you have used removable window tint film. Remove the entire film, clean the window and the film, and reattach it correctly. Use 3 drops of detergent/pint distilled water.

How to remove air bubbles in the window tint film?

If a bubble develops in the window tint film within 24 hours, try spraying the film and dragging/pressing/working the bubble out towards the edge of the film. If the film has dried in, do not puncture the bubble or try to cut it with a razor blade, but just remove the entire film (if you have used removable window tint film), clean the window and film, and reapply it. 

Some smaller bubbles may disappear by themselves when the window tint film has dried in, but it is important that you carefully remove all air bubbles when applying the film. Don't forget to check out the film from the outside of the window.

Easy-to-apply window tint film with EVOFILM®

EVOFILM® is an adhesive-free removable window tint film of the highest quality which offers very good protection against UV- and IR-radiation. EVOFILM® is easy to apply, and no prior knowledge or special tools are needed for successful results. EVOFILM® is delivered precut for all car models for quick and easy application. 

EVOFILM window tint film