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Removable Window Tint for Cars

Window tint film, sun protection film or tinting film? We call it window tint film. No matter what you call it, we can guarantee we have the film to tint the windows of your car at smart prices. We have precut window tint film for over 500 different vehicle models! What's more, we offer the best guarantees for durability and safety you can get. And one more thing, our window tint film is crazy-easy to apply and take off, and comes precut for your car model with the tools you need to apply it. It doesn't get any easier to tint your vehicle's windows! 

Pre cut window tint film for all cars

What is removable tint film?

Removable window tint is a type of window tinting film that can be easily removed from the window without leaving any adhesive residue.  The film is typically made of a vinyl material that adheres to the window through static cling or a low-tack adhesive. This allows the film to be easily applied to the window without the need for any special tools or adhesives.

removable window tint film for cars

The main advantage of removable tint film is its temporary nature. It can be easily removed and replaced as needed, without causing any damage to the window or leaving any adhesive residue behind. This makes it a great option for those who want the benefits of window tinting without the long-term commitment.

Our Detachable Static Cling Window Film 

EVOFILM® is a completely unique, high-quality window tint film which anyone can apply without any prior knowledge. The window tint film is delivered precut for easy application and can be removed and reapplied again. Furthermore, we offer the best guarantees for a safe purchase! 

5-Year Product Guarantee

1-Year Additional purchase Guarantee

1-Month Application


Pre cut window tint film

EVOFILM® is delivered precut! 

Window tint film easy to install

EVOFILM® is easy to apply!  

window tint film easy to remove

EVOFILM® is removable! 

Precut window tint film - tinting grades

EVOFILM® is available with several different tinting levels to suit all types of requirements, depending on whether your priority is to reduce transparency, to give a cool appearance, or if you are most interested in cutting down the heat coming in the car. EVOFILM® is always delivered as precut window tint film.

EVO 95 Black

The original! Absolutely our most sold window tint film. Your visibility is good, but no-one sees into the car. With a tinting level of 95% (VLT 5%) and a reduction of radiative heat up to 80%.

EVO 50 Smoke

A slightly smoked window tint film. Perfect for just the front door windows. With a tinting level of 50% (VLT 50%) and a reduction of radiative heat up to 48%

EVO 75 Dark

A dark window tint film for those who want a cool appearance with some transparency. With a tinting level of 75% (VLT 25%) and a reduction of radiative heat up to 55%.


A very lightly-colored (a weak ice-blue tone) window tint. film for those whose priority is coolness instead of dark windows. With a tinting level of 25% (VLT 75%) and, with the help of nanotechnology, an unbelievable reduction of radiative heat up to 86%!

Precut window tint film - technical specifications

EVOFILM® precut window tint film is made from soft PVC which does not need to be shrunk, shaped or joined to be applied to a curved window. The window tint film is so thin (0.006 inches/0,15 mm) and elastic that it 'flows' and shapes itself with the curvature of a window.

Precut window tint film 5% VLT
  • Tinting level 95%
  • Light transmission 5%
  • UV reduction 98%
  • IR reduction 79%
  • Rear doors, trunk door
  • Dark Black

Precut window tint film 50% VLT
  • Tinting level 50%
  • Light transmission 50%
  • UV reduction 84%
  • IR reduction 48%
  • Front doors
  • Light Smoke

Precut window tint film 25% VLT

  • Tinting level 75%
  • Light transmission 25%
  • UV reduction 98%
  • IR reduction 55%
  • Rear doors, trunk door
  • Black

Precut window tint film 75% VLT

  • Tinting level 25%
  • Light transmission 75%
  • UV reduction 99%
  • IR reduction 86%
  • Front doors
  • Very Light Ice

Removable & Precut Tints for all Cars and Models 

We offer removable precut window tint film for all kind of cars and models. We pre cut window tint film for sport cars, excklusive cars, family cars, trucks, minibuses vans etc. Almost nothing is impossible for us since we have cutting patterns for cars reaching back as far as the 60'. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regadring your car.

Removable & Precut Tints for sports cars

Sport cars.

Removable & Precut Tints for family cars

Family cars

Removable & Precut Tints for all Cars

Trucks, Vans, Mini buses etc.

What advantages does removable static cling film have versus traditional film?

Glue-free window tint film is a type of automotive window tint that does not use an adhesive to stick to the glass. Instead, it uses static cling to adhere to the window, making it easier to install and remove.

There are several advantages to using glue-free window tint film:

  1. Easier installation: Since glue-free window tint film does not require an adhesive, it is easier to install. This makes it a good choice for those who want to apply the tint themselves or want to avoid the mess and difficulty of working with a sticky adhesive.
  2. No residue: Glue-free window tint film does not leave any residue on the glass when it is removed, making it a good choice for those who may need to remove the tint in the future.
  3. No damage to the glass: Since glue-free window tint film does not use an adhesive, it does not pose a risk of damaging the glass if it is removed improperly. This is a big advantage over traditional window tint films, which can leave a sticky residue or damage the glass if not removed correctly.

Overall, glue-free window tint film offers several advantages over traditional window tint films that use an adhesive, making it a popular choice for those looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to tint their car windows.

Temporary Car Tinting for Enhanced Safety & Comfort

There are many good reasons why you should install window tint film on your car. Two often overlooked advantages of window tint film is Safety and Comfort. In the event of a car accident, window tint can provide an additional layer of safety and another advantage of window tinting is thermal control.

Window tint film can  can minimize potential harm in an accident by holding shattered glass together. 

A cooler interior leads to a more comfortable driving experience, especially during long travels.

Auto Window Tinting against UV and Heat

EVOFILM® is available in four tinting grades from carbon-black window tint film, which removes almost all transparency, to an almost clear film which only removes heat and UV-light. Using our window tint films, you can reduce radiated heat by up to 80% and UV-radiation by up to 99%. Furthermore, your vehicle is more attractive with window tint film.

Opgradér din bil med solfilm Upgrade your car.


Mindsk indsynet i bilen med solfilm

Reduce visibility into the vehicle.

Sænk varmen i bilen med solfilm

Cut down on the heat.

Window Tinting for Increased Privacy

Window tinting prevents unwanted attention by concealing you and your passengers from outside view. Window tinting also enhances the personal space, offering you a sense of privacy for example when stuck in traffic. 

Precut window tint film with a 5-year warranty!

EVOFILM® has a 5-year warranty which covers color fastness and splitting or cracking of the window tint film. In addition, we provide comprehensive guarantees. And naturally, all of our guarantees follow the car if you should sell it.

EVOFILM® is a safe, high-quality sun protection product which lowers heat radiation coming into the car by up to about 80%, and reduces UV radiation by up to about 99%, depending on which film is applied.

The sun tint film is certified according to the European Union's REACH regulatory system for protection against dangerous chemicals, and according to EN71-3, for protection against the migration of harmful substances. 

Window tint film for cars

EVOFILM is operated by EVO International AB, 556808-9659. We are located in Sweden and we are registered for VAT in Sweden, within the EU as well as Great Britain and Norway. We of course pay contractual salaries and employer contributions for our employees. The owner and CEO is me, Peter Modig. Feel free to contact us for praise or complaints about our products or service.

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