Window tint film for your car.

Window tint film, sun protection film or tinting film? We call it window tint film. No matter what you call it, we can guarantee we have the film to tint the windows of your car at smart prices. We have precut window tint film for over 500 different vehicle models! What's more, we offer the best guarantees for durability and safety you can get. And one more thing, our window tint film is crazy-easy to apply and take off, and comes precut for your car model with the tools you need to apply it. It doesn't get any easier to tint your vehicle's windows! 

Pre cut window tint film for all cars

Everyone can apply this window tint film! ! 

EVOFILM® is a completely unique, high-quality window tint film which anyone can apply without any prior knowledge. The window tint film is delivered precut for easy application and can be removed and reapplied again. Furthermore, we offer the best guarantees for a safe purchase! 

5-Year Product Guarantee

1-Year Additional purchase Guarantee

1-Month Application


Pre cut window tint film

EVOFILM® is delivered precut! 

Window tint film easy to install

EVOFILM® is easy to apply!  

window tint film easy to remove

EVOFILM® is removable! 

Sun tint film makes your car more stylish, safer and cooler! 

EVOFILM® is available in four tinting grades from carbon-black window tint film, which removes almost all transparency, to an almost clear film which only removes heat and UV-light. Using our window tint films, you can reduce radiated heat by up to 80% and UV-radiation by up to 99%. Furthermore, your vehicle is more attractive with window tint film.

Opgradér din bil med solfilm Upgrade your car with window tint film. 


Mindsk indsynet i bilen med solfilm

Reduce visibility into the vehicle with window tint film. 

Sænk varmen i bilen med solfilm

Cut down on the heat coming in with window tint film.

EVOFILM is operated by EVO International AB, 556808-9659. We are located in Sweden and we are registered for VAT in Sweden, within the EU as well as Great Britain and Norway. We of course pay contractual salaries and employer contributions for our employees. The owner and CEO is me, Peter Modig. Feel free to contact us for praise or complaints about our products or service.

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