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How much does window tinting cost?

Tinting car windows can vary greatly in price, ranging from EUR 50 to EUR 500. The cost depends on the type of tinting and whether you apply the tint yourself or have it done at a car care center. Below we list the approximate prices for different options:

  • Self-applied precut window tint film: EUR 40 - EUR 90 (for all windows behind the driver's seat) 
  • Self-applied adhesive film: EUR 100 - EUR 140 (high risk of failure if not professionally done). 
  • Adhesive film applied at a car care: EUR 250 - EUR 500

Our Prices (Precut Window Tint Film) 

We deliver precut window tint film for tinting of car windows at the best prices on the market! Mounting instructions and an application scraper are always included. 

Our most sold products
Price EUR
3 rear window
84.99 EUR
5 rear window
87.99 EUR
7 rear window
89.99 EUR
2 front doors windows44.99 EUR
1 windshield stripe
26.99 EUR

Other products
1 sunroof
29.95 EUR
1 glass roof
49.95 EUR
1 windshield (few models)
79.95 EUR
2 rear door windows
39.95 EUR
2 trunk windows
39.95 EUR
1 rear window
49.95 EUR

3 rear windows = 1 rear window + 2 hatch windows.
5/7/9 rear windows = all windows behind the driver, depending on the car model and number of windows

Cargo vans/Minibuses
99.95 -> EUR
Shipping global
9.95 -> EUR
Window tint film, test piece
We send product samples of our window tint film free of charge.