Everything you want to know about window tint film

Most people today probably know that you should protect yourself from the sun's rays, but what is actually dangerous about solar radiation? And why is solar film on car windows good as sun protection while tinted windows are not? What is solar film, how does solar film work, what does it protect against and how can you put solar film on your car? There are many questions about solar film. We have the answers.

What is solar film?
What is window tint film?

Yes, what exactly is window tint film and what is window tint film made of? We have the answer!
Sun protection car

What is static adhesion?

How does static adhesion work and why is it good in solar film?

Sun protection car

What is UV light?

Read more about how UV light and how it affects you and your skin.

Tinted windows

What is IR radiation?

Read more about how IR radiation and how it affects you in your everyday life.

What are factory tinted car windows?

Does car glass protect against dangerous solar radiation?

Can car windows block dangerous radiation from the sun?

Sun protection car

What are factory tinted windows?

Why don't factory tinted car windows protect against heat and radiation?

Laws and regulations for solar film on car windows

Laws and regulations for solar film on cars

Can you put solar film on the car and what rules apply in different countries?

why are my tinted windows hazy?

Why are my tinted panes sometimes hazy?

Is it good or bad that it sometimes becomes hazy when you have tinted the windows?

Matrix points
Matrix points

What are the black dots, matrix dots that are on car windows?
Sun protection car
Sun protection car

We list the most common types of sun protection and their pros and cons.