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Window tint film for SAAB cars

Precut window tint film SAAB at the right price

We have removable precut window tint film for all SAAB cars, regardless of model or age. Tinted windows in your SAAB increases both the comfort and the safety of your SAAB. If you possibly do not find the window tint film for your SAAB here, contact us and we will solve it!

Tinting windows on SAAB is easy with precut tint film

We offer pre-cut sun protection film to SAAB regardless of model and age. If you have, for example, a SAAB 9–3 station wagon, a SAAB 9–5 sedan or a SAAB 900, you can order EVOFILM here, which makes your car both safer and more comfortable. EVOFILM works both as sun protection and privacy protection on your SAAB. The sun protection film also gives your SAAB a stylish style. With EVOFILM, you get a cooler, safer and nicer car! Can not find the right solar film? Contact our customer service and we will solve it!

Sun and transparency film for your SAAB

Are you curious about how EVOFILM works? Well, when you mount the film on the car windows, you do not have to face the sun. It thus functions as an effective sun protection. The film is also heat-reducing. This makes the ride more comfortable both for you as a driver and for your passengers. A cool car is a safer car. The solar film also protects the car's interior from being faded by the sun's rays, and if an accident occurs, the film can hold the glass together so that you do not get broken glass throughout the car.

When you mount solid solar film on your SAAB, you also get a very functional privacy protection. So you can store things you are afraid of in the car without unauthorized people seeing that they are there. This can reduce the risk of burglary. Perfect for you who often have tools and computers in the car! You can choose which degree of toning you want on the sun film. We offer four variants: black, dark, smoke and ice. The darkest gradient, black, basically gives a completely transparent car. EVOFILM does not affect visibility, even when it is dark outside, and you can of course pull the windows up and down just as usual.

Tinted windows with a perfect fit

EVOFILM is a pre-cut thin solar film made of soft PVC. This means that it is very easy to mount on the car's windows. In other words, you can tone the windows completely yourself without having any prior knowledge. Work calmly and methodically according to the instructions that come with it, and you will soon have the solar film in place. The assembly instructions are available in 14 languages. EVOFILM is both adhesive-free and removable. You attach the film, but with the help of a unique mounting gel and as fast as you mount it, you can also remove it again. The mounting gel is included with the purchase of EVOFILM, as well as a tool kit for quick and easy installation.

Did you know this about SAAB?

Did you know that SAAB was founded as an aircraft manufacturer in 1937 and only after the end of World War II did they start developing SAAB as a car. The engineers who designed the first SAAB models were simply aeronautical engineers and thus the SAAB car was given a streamlined design to achieve the best possible aerodynamics. Wonder what the aeronautical engineers would have said if they had seen a modern SAAB today with windows tinted with pre-cut solar film? For us, it is a matter of course to deliver high-quality solar film adapted to different SAAB models, so we are absolutely certain that they would have been very satisfied. Order EVOFILM, a stylish and worry-free sun and visibility protection, for your SAAB today!