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Window tint film with the best guarantees on the market!

You should be 100% satisfied with your purchase of EVOFILM®. If you are not satisfied with the results, or you are not proud of your car when you have put in our window tint film, we have failed! We therefore always give you the absolute best guarantees on the market! In addition to a 5 year product warranty, we offer:

7-Day Ordering Error Guarantee!

If you happen to order window tint film for the wrong year model of your car, we will arrange a new film (for a small fee).

14-Day Buy-back Guarantee!

If you change your mind about your purchase of window tint film after you have applied it, we will buy it back! (with, however, a price deduction).

30-Day Application Guarantee!

If you happen to damage one of the window tint films while applying it, you will get a new one completely free of charge (shipping not included)!

365-Day Additional purchase Guarantee!

If you need to buy a new film for your car, you will receive a 50% discount up to one year after your order.

NOTE! The usual right of cancellation according to the Distance Contracts Act does not apply to precut window tint film.


5-Year Product Guarantee!
EVOFILM® is a high-quality, precut window tint film for tinting the windows of cars. We guarantee that the sun protection film you buy from us is flawless and will last for a long time. EVOFILM® has a 5-year guarantee which covers color fastness and splitting or cracking of the window tint film. And of course, this guarantee follows the car in which the window tint film is mounted, and not the purchaser of the sun protection film. The only thing that is needed to make a claim on the guarantee is the original order number or a receipt of sale, plus proof of ownership of the car. The product guarantee applies under the condition that the window tint film has been correctly applied from the start, and that it has been treated in a reasonable way during its lifetime.

365-day Additional purchase Guarantee
If for some reason you want to buy a new film for your car within 12 months of your purchase, we offer a 50% discount for additional purchases.

30-day Application Guarantee!
Applying precut window tint film from EVOFILM® is super easy! A handy person can apply EVOFILM® with nice results without any bubbles or folds if the instructions are followed to the letter. But accidents can always happen. If something should happen to damage or harm one of the sun protection films for your car while being put in, then you will get a new precut window tint film from us free of charge. Send us a picture of the damaged window tint film with information about your order number, and describing how the film was damaged, and we will send you a new sun protection film completely free of charge (shipping not included).

NOTE! This guarantee does not apply if the film is damaged because of incorrect application, for example, by defects in mounting which prevent the film from adhering.

14-Day Buy-back Guarantee
Sometimes you can change your mind, but precut window tint film is a so-called production item, which means to say that it is specially produced to order just for you car, in which case the normal cancellation rights that you are perhaps used to do not apply. But don't worry, we can fix it together. Contact us within 14 days from when you received your window tint film and let us know that you would like to use the Buy-back Guarantee on your precut window tint film. You will then receive 50% of the product cost for the precut window tint film back from us.

7-Day Ordering Error Guarantee
Sometimes things go a little too quickly and there’s a mistake. It happens to us all. If you happened to order window tint films for the wrong year model of your car, then contact us within a week from when you received your delivery and we will arrange new films for the right year model for a small fee.