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Tools are always included at no extra cost!

The key to successfully installing solar tinting film is to have the right tools, a good installation manual and a little patience. We always strive to provide you with the best possible tools when you buy EVOFILM. The tools you need as well as a clear installation manual are of course included with your EVOFILM purchase, although the patience is something we cannot provide ;)

EVOFILM tool kit for installation of solar tinting film 

EVOFILM’s tool kit contains all the tools you need for successful installation. The only things you need to provide yourself are a bucket of warm water, some drying cloths and perhaps a little denatured alcohol or similar, for extra cleaning. The rest is all included at no extra cost when you buy EVOFILM solar tinting film for your car!

EVOFILM tool kit for solar film installation

1. Cloth 2. Microfiber cloth 3. Spray bottle 0,5l 4. Installation fluid 5. Squeegee 6. Gloves 7. Installtion gel 8. Sponge brush 9. Rounded squeegee 10. Spatula 11. Knife


EVOGEL is an installation gel for the installation of solar tinting film on cars. EVOGEL reduces the risk of edges lifting up, as the gel acts as a kind of invisible “glue” that holds down the edges of the film during drying. EVOGEL is only available from us and is of course included at no extra cost in our tool kit. (EVOGEL is not sold separately and is only available with a purchase of EVOFILM).

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