We have an "angry" window tint film saga!

The story of a guy who was interested in cars, but got furious when he couldn't manage the window tint film!

The company started in 2011 in a garage in Kinda, Sweden when a young guy with an interest in cars got tired of failing to cut freehand and apply window tint film in his vehicles. "There must be an easier way?" The rest is, as they say, history. He bought a cutting machine, obtained a cutting program for the computer, and built a simple production facility at home in his garage to cut window tint film for car windows.

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To sell his product, in 2012 he opened a web shop where you could order precut window tint film for your car. In the beginning, a traditional adhesive-based window tint film was sold, but such a film is difficult for most people to apply nicely. After a lot of searching, he found a unique, high-quality adhesive-free window tint film which was removable, making it both easier to apply and significantly less expensive than traditional adhesive-mounted window tint films. EVOFILM® was born and success became a fact!

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In 2016, the business changed ownership and moved to Helsingborg, Sweden. We continue in the same spirit, working stubbornly so that all car owners, regardless of the vehicle, make of car or model, can enjoy cooler, better looking and safer cars with tinted car windows at reasonable prices. Today EVOFILM® sells to discerning car owners in all the European countries, and the expansion continues. Think what a deep love for a hobby and a little anger can do.

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EVOFILM is operated by EVO International AB, 556808-9659. We are located in Sweden and we are registered for VAT in Sweden, within the EU as well as Great Britain and Norway. We of course pay contractual salaries and employer contributions for our employees. The owner and CEO is me, Peter Modig. Feel free to contact us for praise or complaints about our products or service.

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