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Window tint laws i Australia by state or territory

State/TerritoryWindscreenFront sideBack sideRear
  • Capital Territory
Top 10%35%20%20%
  • New South Wales
Top 10%None20%20%
  • Northern Territory
Top 10%35%15%15%
  • Queensland
Top 10%35%20%20%
  • South Australia
Top 10%35%20%20%
  • Tasmania
Top 10%35%20%20%
  • Victoria
Top 10%35%35%35%
  • Western Australia

We do not take any responsibility that the provided information is accurate regarding facts nor over time. Please check with local authorities for latest updates.

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Window Tint Lingo

Visible Light Transmission. 

VLT% indicates the amount of visible light that gets in through either just the film or both the film and window combined. A lower VLT% means the darker the tint will be. A higher % means the tint will be lighter.


The level of tinting for the front-side windows must not exceed the VLT% listed in the chart. This % is higher compared to what is allowed on the rear windows so that police can still see inside the car.

Back-side window tint %: The level of tinting for the back-side windows must not exceed the VLT% listed in the chart. The legal limit will vary depending on what type of vehicle it is – either a car or an MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle).


This is the VLT % that’s allowed on your rear window.


The information here refers to the AS-1 line since entire windshields cannot be tinted in any state legally. The AS-1 line is 4 – 6 inches from the top of the windshield that can be tinted.


Window tint reflectivity is the amount of light that is reflected away from the window by a tinted film. The lower the reflectivity, the less light is being blocked or reflected off of the window. This can help reduce glare and heat buildup in the vehicle.