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Car care

Wash the car yourself with EVOBRITE car care

Wash the car  yourself with EVOBRITE's professional car care products. Our products  are specially designed to give you the same high-quality results as the  professionals but in smaller packages for less expenditure. Everything  made in Sweden for the best quality control. So take the opportunity to  give your car a refresh or a serious spring cleaning when you install  EVOFILM solar film.

Buy 4 products of your choice pay for 3

It  should not only be easy and fun to take care of your car, it should  also be cheap. Buy four car care products of your choice and we'll offer  you the cheapest one. You can mix however you want, choose between chemicals, washing sponges, washing brushes and drying cloths, etc. 

Wash the car yourself - This is what you need

Wash the car yourself with EVOBRITE and turn your car into a rolling masterpiece today!

  • EVOBRITE Degreaser   - highly effective alkaline degreaser designed to remove stubborn dirt  traffic film, insect residue, oil deposits, bird droppings etc.
  • EVOBRITE Car Shampoo -  highly concentrated car shampoo enriched with genuine carnauba wax for a shiny shine. 
  • EVOBRITE Insect Remover  - quickly dissolves the residue left behind by mosquitoes and other insects, without damaging the car's surfaces.
  • EVOBRITE Rim Cleaner -  effectively removes everything from fly rust to brake dust and iron particles that cling to your car's rims .
  • EVOBRITE Tire Gloss  - a product that effectively restores the tires' original blackness and shine.
  • EVOBRITE Glass cleaning - the ultimate solution for cleaning car windows, mirrors, motorcycle glasses, visors etc.
  • EVOBRITE Interior cleaner  - natural and biodegradable raw materials, which effectively remove stubborn stains, grease, dirt and dust
  • EVOBRITE  Interior gloss  - ceramic gloss that refreshes plastic and rubber trims and restores the shine of the car's interior surfaces
  • EVOBRITE Car care accessories - everything for your car wash such as sponges, brushes, brushes, cloths and much more. All at really good prices

 EVOBRITE car care products to make Car Care Easy Fun and Cheap!