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Window tint film for Volkswagen cars

Precut window tint film Volkswagen at the right price

We have removable precut window tint film for all Volkswagen cars, regardless of model or age. Tinted windows in your Volkswagen increases both the comfort and the safety of your Volkswagen. If you possibly do not find the window tint film for your Volkswagen here, contact us and we will solve it!

Tinting windows on Volkswagen is easy with precut tint film

Tinted windows on the car increase both comfort and safety when you are out driving your Volkswagen. In addition, the solar film is also an effective privacy protection. Here you can order EVOFILM, a high-quality solar film, for your Volkswagen, regardless of which model of car you have.

Effective sun protection film with EVOFILM

When you tint the windows of your Volkswagen, you get a comfortable sun protection that protects against both UV and IR radiation. You will not be dazzled by the sun and the indoor climate in the car will be cooler. It will simply be a more pleasant car ride for you and your passengers. The sun film also prevents the sun's rays from fading and discoloring the car's interior.

Tinted windows also act as a privacy screen. You can choose from four different gradient levels. The darkest is almost black and basically prevents all transparency. This suits you who often store tools and other expensive gadgets in your Volkswagen. The solar film becomes a burglary protection. If you choose a lighter variant, you will not get the same effective privacy protection, but you still get a very good and heat-reducing sun protection. The sun film does not affect visibility and you will be able to drive just as usual, even when it is dark outside. Should you have an accident, the sun visor can also hold the window together and reduce the risk of broken glass.

In addition to being an effective and functional sun and visibility protection, a solar film gives your Volkswagen a stylish look. A dark sun film gives the car an elegant and luxurious feeling, while a lighter sun protection has a more discreet appearance. Choose an EVO MOVIE that suits your car and your taste! Here you will find, among other things, solar film for the Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Golf station wagon and Volkswagen Sharan.

Tailor-made solar film after Volkswagen

With EVOFILM you get an adhesive-free and removable solar film. The film is pre-cut and adapted to your car model and you can easily mount it on the window. Instead of an adhesive, use the unique mounting gel that is included. The solar film can be removed and reattached. To get the best possible result, follow the instructions in the assembly instructions that are included, but you do not have to worry - it's easy and you do not need any prior knowledge. You also do not need to use any special tools. The tool kit that comes with your EVOFILM is enough.

Using EVOFILM is a smart and cheap way to get tinted windows on a Volkswagen without having to hand in the car to a company. We summarize the benefits of EVOFILM as follows:

  • unique mounting gel
  • pre-cut for quick and easy installation
  • non-stick and removable

Did you know this about Volkswagen?

Volkswagen is often associated with the first people carrier, often called "people", "ram" or "bubble". Today, the car model is called Volkswagen Beetle. But did you know that the first Volkswagen was built in 1932 at home in a private garage by a certain Ferdinand Porsche on behalf of a company that many of us associate with mopeds, namely Zündapp. Volkswagen is today one of the world's leading car manufacturers and many Volkswagen owners around the world have tinted their car windows with solar film to get a cool, safe and stylish car. Do it yourself too! Welcome to order EVOFILM!