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Window tint film for BMW cars

Precut window tint film BMW at the right price

We have removable precut window tint film for all BMW cars, regardless of model or age. Tinted windows in your BMW increases both the comfort and the safety of your BMW. If you possibly do not find the window tint film for your BMW here, contact us and we will solve it!

Tinting windows on BMW is easy with precut tint film

Regardless of the model and age of your BMW, we have a solar film that fits. The solar film gives your car tinted windows, which increases both comfort and safety, and you do not have to worry that the solar film will in any way ruin the car's appearance and feel. Your BMW will continue to be a BMW. The solar film simply means that you get a safer and cooler BMW. And nicer.

Tailored sun protection film with a perfect fit

An EVO FILM is not an ordinary solar film that is mounted with glue. EVOFILM is a high-quality pre-cut solar film that is removable. So you can when you want to remove the film from all windows on your BMW. The film is adhesive-free and thus also removable.

A solar film works both as a sunscreen and a privacy screen. You do not have to face the sun and the sun film also protects the car's interior from fading and other discoloration. Solar film also increases safety by holding the window together in the event of a burglary or an accident. You can choose the degree of toning you want on the film. We offer several different variants so that you can easily find one that suits your BMW and your needs, regardless of whether you prioritize reduced transparency, reduced temperature or want to give the car a cooler look. A high degree of toning gives your BMW almost black windows and you get a completely private car. Dark windows can be a good safety choice and reduce the risk of burglary because the windows hide what is in and stored in the car. A lighter degree of toning gives a more discreet feeling, but you do not get the same effective privacy protection. Whatever degree of toning you choose, you will get a heat reduction and of course you will continue to be able to pull the windows up and down just as usual. Of course, both you as a driver and your passengers should have a comfortable ride in your BMW!

Tint the car windows yourself and save time and money

EVOFILM offers a unique non-stick solar film made of soft PVC. The film is pre-cut and tailored to fit your particular BMW. Along with the sun film, you also get:

  • a tool kit
  • a mounting gel that is unique to EVOFILM
  • and assembly instructions.

And best of all - everyone can mount a solar film from EVOFILM! It is simple, only takes a short time and you do not need any previous knowledge to do the job. Just be careful and work methodically, you will soon have the solar films in place and should something go wrong, well, then you just pull off the film and start again from the beginning. Of course, we are happy to help if you do not find the right model for your particular BMW or if you have any questions about your order or the assembly itself. You can reach our customer service via e-mail or telephone.

Did you know this about BMW?

By the way, did you know that BMW did not manufacture cars at all when the company was founded in 1916? Then it was instead aircraft engines that mattered. But in the 1920s, car engines began to be manufactured and the first BMW car soon rolled out of the factory. BMW has always been known for its powerful engines and stylish design elements. We have taken this into account and created sun films with perfect fits so as not to damage the car's appearance.

Welcome to order affordable solar film for your BMW quickly and easily online at EVOFILM!