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Everything about our solar film EVOFILM 

The 5 most common questions are:

1. Is it legal to use EVOFILM®?

Yes. In european countries, it is legal to tint the windows behind the driver how dark you want. However, mirror film is not legal on any window on the car. Read more about laws and regulations for solar film on cars.

2. How much does EVOFILM® cost?

If you do the work yourself and choose a removable pre-cut solar film, it costs about EUR 70-100 depending on the number of windows. If you choose high-quality adhesive film, expect at least twice as much, about EUR 200, but then you usually have to cut the film yourself. Should a car care company tint the windows with professional film, you can count on a price from EUR 300 and up. Read more about different sunscreens.

3. What degree of tinting should I choose for EVOFILM?

Regardless of which degree of tinting you choose on EVOFILM®, you always get a good heat reduction and a good visibility even when driving in the dark. Therefore, choose the degree of tinting based on what look you want on the car and what transparency in the car you want or need. Read more about tinting degrees on EVOFILM.  

4. Is it difficult to install solar film yourself?

No, it is not difficult to install solar film yourself if you choose a removable pre-cut solar film. This type of solar film requires no prior knowledge or special tools. It is enough that you are generally handy and a little accurate. If you choose an adhesive-based solar film, you need to be knowledgeable and have some special tools to get a successful result. Read more about how to install solar film.

5. Can you pull down the windows when mounting EVOFILM?

Yes you can. A removable non-adhesive sun film such as EVOFILM® sits as well on the window as regular adhesive film, so you can pull up and down the windows as usual. May sound like a strange question to some knowledgeable people, but if you have tried tinting the windows with a Plexiglas panel and discovered that you cannot crank the windows, you often want to be sure before trying another method of sun protection for your car. Read more about EVOFILM pre-cut solar film.

Other frequently asked questions

How long is the delivery time on EVOFILM?

Normally we send your order within 1-3 working days from the time we receive and approve your order. All orders are produced after ordering in turn. In the high season April to August, the delivery time may be slightly extended. If you want to change your order, you must do so within 24 hours. Thereafter, the order is binding and can not be changed. Read our Terms of Purchase.

What guarantees does EVOFILM have?

EVOFILM® has a 5-year guarantee on color fastness, against cracking and crackling of the solar film. Of course, all guarantees come with the car even in the event of a transfer. Read more about our Guarantees

How do I mount EVOFILM?

It is easy to mount EVOFILM® even if you have no experience with solar film as long as you are careful and work methodically. If it goes wrong, just remove the solar film and redo because it is adhesive-free. No risk of bubbles and creases. A clear installation instruction is always included and we also have good videos that show how to install EVOFILM. Read more about how to mount EVOFILM.

Can you put EVOFILM on factory-tinted windows?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to put EVOFILM on factory-tinted windows. It is even that so we recommend that you do so because factory tinted windows are only colored glass, ie they provide no protection against either UV or IR radiation. If you mount solar film on factory-tinted glass, you get good protection against both heat and radiation. Note that there is no standard for factory tinted glass, ie that it is not possible to say that "I want the same tint on the film that is already in the glass" but it must be decided on a case-by-case basis. If you are unsure of which film to buy, order free Product samples of our solar films before you place your order.

What do I do if EVOFILM does not fit my car windows?

The first thing you should do if you see that the solar film you received does not fit the windows of your car is to carefully check that you have ordered solar film for the correct car and year model. Feel free to check your car's year and body model in your countries local vehicle register Keep in mind that a car of the same model year can be available in two different designs if the manufacturer has made a model change during that year. Read more about body and year models. If you have ordered the wrong solar film for your car, you can order a new set at a greatly reduced price through our unique Wrong Order Guarantee. If you have ordered the right solar film for your car and it still does not fit perfectly, you must of course make a complaint so that we can correct to the error.

Can I regret my purchase of EVOFILM?

No. Pre-cut solar film is a so-called manufactured product, ie. that it is specially made to order for a specific purpose. Then the Right of Withdrawal does not apply according to the Distance Contracts Act. We therefore instead offer as the only solar film company in the world a unique Repurchase Guarantee where we buy back your solar film at a price reduction. Always read our Terms of Purchase and our Guarantees before ordering. If you want to use the Repurchase Guarantee, do can do it here.

Product questions

What is EVOFILM®?

EVOFILM® is a high-quality adhesive-free removable solar film for cars. EVOFILM® is made of soft PVC (unlike traditional solar film, adhesive film, which is made of hard PVC) which makes it insensitive to bending and creases. Because EVOFILM is adhesive-free, it is easy to install even without prior knowledge. Read more about EVOFILM.

Is EVOFILM pre-cut for all car models?

Yes EVOFILM is ready-cut for almost all the world's car models, even for some really old car models. In the store you will find a selection of the most common and popular models. If you do not find your car model in the store, do not hesitate to send us an Inquiry. Note, however, that we do not supply solar film for trucks, excavators, tractors, caravans, motorhomes, boats but only for cars.

How much sun protection does EVOFILM® provide?             

EVOFILM® is a window tint film of the highest quality which gives you very good protection against the sun. Using EVOFILM®, you can lower the sun's UV- and IR-radiation by up to 80-90%, depending upon which film and tinting level you choose. Read more about EVOFILM.

Can you see out when it is dark if you have EVOFILM on your car?

Of course, otherwise it would be totally life-threatening to put solar film on your car. Of course, it gets darker in the rear-view mirrors at night when you have solar film mounted on the car, but it does not require much light, for example from the car's rear lights, from street lights or from other cars to give good visibility if you use EVOFILM

Can you put EVOFILM on a heated window?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to put EVOFILM® on a heated window. The most important thing to keep in mind when tinting heated windows with solar film, in addition to not damaging the heating coils when pulling out the mounting fluid with a scraper, is not to turn on the heat for a few days after mounting the film so that it can dry in and attach properly first.

Can you put EVOFILM® on ordinary windows?

No. We do not recommend that EVOFILM be mounted on property windows. EVOFILM can also not be mounted on plexiglass windows, for example in caravans, motorhomes, boats, holiday homes, etc.

Is it dangerous if my children or my dog lick the EVOFILM®?          

EVOFILM® is made from flexible PVC, ie soft plastic, which just like any other plastic, should not be licked, sucked or bitten, but small children or dogs sometimes do what they shouldn't. Therefore it is comforting to know that EVOFILM® is certified according to the European Union's REACH regulatory system for protection against dangerous chemicals, and according to EN71-3 for protection against the migration of harmful substances, a regulation which is also used, for example, for toys. So a lick or two on the window will do no harm, but if the pooch has successfully pulled loose and swallowed half of the film, you should of course contact your vet.