EVOFILM Customer Reviews

We are a small, passionate company that lives by you being satisfied with your car. Your rating of our service and products is vital, so please share your opinion about us!

We love praise, obviously, but we almost love criticism even more, because then we can make improvements. Anyone can make mistakes, and if we get it wrong, we want to know. Don't hesitate for a second to contact us; we promise to do everything to make you satisfied. You should be 100% satisfied with your car when you have put EVOFILM® in it, because otherwise we have failed!

Solfilm till alla bilar

Is EVOFILM good?

What do customers say about EVOFILM®? Thousands of car owners put EVOFILM in their cars every year. Some have done it before, while others have never applied window tint film in their entire lives. Here are some recent comments from customers who have put EVOFILM® in their cars.

So damn good! Super Easy!

T. Badowski,
Tesla 3

Excellent fit into the smallest detail and easily applied film.

K. Pekkala
Volvo XC70

Really happy with the film!

G. Khalil,
BMW 3-Touring

Easy to assemble. Recommend

I. Taha,
Audi A6

Mounted many films but yours is the best.

J. Rodin
Audi A4

 Best quality, look awesome!

I. Chiu
Mercedes GL