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95% Black
Black film. Little transparency (VLT 5%). Reduces radiative heath by about 80%.
75% Dark
Dark film. Some transparency (VLT 25%). Reduces radiative heath by about 60%.
50% Smoke
Light smoke-colored film (VLT 50%). Discrete transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 50%.
25% Ice
Light ice-blue film (VLT 75%) Normal transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 85%.

Folding Electric Scooter LR

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  • Glue-free film for easy installation
  • Delivered pre-cut
  • Tool kit included
  • Assembly guarantee 30 days

  • Order individual films, click here
  • NOTE! No right of withdrawal. Check your order carefully.

Shipping Area (Express 7-10 Days)

US Plug:

US, Canada, Japan, and Thailand.

EU、UK & AU Plug:

  • France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Macao, Hong Kong
  • Australia: We ONLY deliver to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.
  • New Zealand: We ONLY deliver to Canterbury and Auckland.
  • Norway: We DON”T deliver to Troms og Finnmark.
  • Sweden: We DON”T deliver to Lappland, Norrbotten, and Västerbotten.


Fold and Go!
4-staged folding, perfectly designed for storage in a Tesla.

Exclusive Anti-theft Grip Design
Secure your scooter from theft with the Jowua 4 Digit Padlock.

Ergonomic Grip
Say goodbye to hand pain and numb fingers with our upgraded grips that provide hand comfort and support.

Quickly-Detachable Battery Design
The battery capacity has been increased from 180W to 230W, resulting in a 25% boost in battery life and up to 25 km* of range. (* Depends on the rider's weight and environmental factors)

Premium Device and Top Experience
Hidden tire suspension, flat-proof airless tires. 

LED Digital Display
Shows current speed, current power, and current mode.

Electric Thumb Throttle
Perfect ergonomic design. Press to speed up, brake, or cruise. 

Dual Braking System
Electric brake and rear-fender brake to get efficient and responsive braking.

Vertical LED Headlight
Light up a wider area, and enjoy your night out!

JOWUA Exclusive 63W Tesla-compatible charger

  • Model S: Center Console Power Socket
  • Model 3:  Center Console Power Socket
  • Model X: Rear Trunk Power Socket
  • Model Y:  Rear Trunk Power Socket

Package Content Included

  • JOWUA Folding Electric Scooter x1
  • JOWUA 63W Tesla-compatible charger x1
  • Detachable Battery x1
  • User Manual x1
  • 🎁 Free Gift! 84W Wall Charger

User Manual 

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