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95% Black
Black film. Little transparency (VLT 5%). Reduces radiative heath by about 80%.
75% Dark
Dark film. Some transparency (VLT 25%). Reduces radiative heath by about 60%.
50% Smoke
Light smoke-colored film (VLT 50%). Discrete transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 50%.
25% Ice
Light ice-blue film (VLT 75%) Normal transparency. Reduces radiative heath by about 85%.

6D Tesla Compatible Invisible Foldaway Car Mount (MagSafe) for Tesla S/3/X/Y/Cybertruck

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  • Glue-free film for easy installation
  • Delivered pre-cut
  • Tool kit included
  • Assembly guarantee 30 days

  • Order individual films, click here
  • NOTE! No right of withdrawal. Check your order carefully.


Support iPhone MagSafe Wireless Charging
Compatible with iPhone MagSafe series and MagSafe cases for wireless charging.

Smooth Silicone Surface
In order to increase the friction force and prevent the iPhone from sliding off.

Invisible and Hidden Design
The retractable design is to hide your car mount and preserves the minimalist design of the Tesla interior.

Adjustable Premium Metal Arm
Just pull or push, quickly adjusting the device to get the right length for perfect sight. The metal material is more durable and matches the back of the touchscreen.

Sticky & Washable Suction Cup
Ultra sticky adhesive and washable suction cup provide strong adhesion that securely holds your device at the back of Tesla's screen and leaves no residue.
* Only suitable for smooth surfaces, do not use for materials such as leather and wood.

Customized Cable for Tesla Model Center Console
Ultra-thin and long cable designed to be hidden in the center console side trim.
* Please purchase the adapter if the rear console ports are USB-A ports.

Spec (Wireless Charging Version)

  • Input: 5V⎓2A, 9V⎓2A
  • Output: 5W, 7.5W(iPhone), 10W, 15W

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