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Tesla USB-C to USB-C Cable

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Tesla USB-C to USB-C Cable Design for Tesla

With two specialized hook and loop tapes, securely adhere cables to the central control side walls, perfectly securing them to effortlessly conceal without tangling.

Customized for Model 3 Reengineered Model 3 Highland (2024+) & Y Center Console

  • 1.75 m cable, ideal length from rear USB ports to the front monitor.
  • 3.2 mm ultra-thin cable designed to be tucked into the center console side trim strip.

60W Fast Charge

  • L-Shaped Version: Supports up to 60W USB-C PD charging.
  • Magnetic Version: Supports up to 100W USB-C PD charging.

Rear Seat Anti-break Design ?

  • L-shaped Version: Strong metal connector for durability and reliability.
  • Magnetic Version: Magnetic upgrade for convenient operation, safer charging while driving, and resistant to accidental disconnections.