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50% Tint film for cars

44.99 USD

Temporary & Removable 50% window tint film

Enhance your car's appearance and comfort with our special offer on EVOFILM® 50% window tint film for the front doors. This offer is designed specifically for those looking to achieve a perfect balance between visibility and protection. EVOFILM® is a top-tier, high-quality window tint film that can be applied easily by anyone, thanks to its glue-free composition and pre-cut design tailored for a hassle-free installation. Each purchase comes with a comprehensive tool kit and a 30-day assembly guarantee to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

Please note, this promotion is only valid when purchasing additional window film for other windows on your car. Also, due to the custom nature of our product, there is no right of withdrawal, so we advise you to review your order carefully before purchasing.

Why choose our 50% window tint film?

  • Safety and Comfort: Beyond enhancing your vehicle's aesthetic, our window tint film offers additional safety by holding shattered glass together in the event of an accident. It also maintains a cooler interior for a more comfortable driving experience, especially during long journeys.
  • Quality and Assurance: With EVOFILM®, you're not just purchasing window film; you're investing in peace of mind. We back our product with a 5-Year Product Guarantee, a 1-Year Additional Purchase Guarantee, and a 1-Month Application Guarantee.

Please note that 50% tint means 50% VLT (Visual Light Transmission)

Transform your vehicle with EVOFILM® 50% window tint film, combining style, safety, and comfort in one package. Seize the opportunity to give your car the upgrade it deserves with EVOFILM® window tint film.