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Self adhesive film

We've probably all stood in the kitchen at some point and tried to wrap leftover food with plastic wrap, a plastic wrap that insists on sticking together and sticking everywhere except where you want it to stick. It is called self-adhesive film but why is the film so sticky and why does it stick to some materials but not others. Let us explain.

Static cling explained

Static cling is a phenomenon in which two surfaces become attracted to each other due to the build-up of static electricity. 

When two materials with different electrical properties come into contact with each other, electrons can transfer from one material to the other. This can result in one material becoming positively charged, and the other becoming negatively charged. In the case of static cling, this force can cause different materials to stick together or to other surfaces.

But what about static cling window tint film?

Static cling window tint film, which is a thin, self adhesive film that is applied to the inside of a car  window to reduce the amount of heat light and radiation.

Static cling window tint film can be made of various materials, such as polyester or vinyl, which can create a static charge when they come into contact with each other or with other surfaces. When the film is applied to a window, it can stick to the glass due to this static charge, rather than relying on a traditional adhesive. This can allow the film to be easily installed without the need for additional adhesives special tools or certain skills.

What are the benefits of using self adhesive window tint film for your car?

  • Easy to install without prior experience
  • Does not require any special chemicals or tools
  • Can be removed and reinstalledduring installation to avoid bubbles or folds
  • Long service life
  • Affordable price


EVOFILM is an static cling window tint film for cars. It is easy to apply, and no prior knowledge or special tools are needed for successful results.