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What is window tint film made of?

Window tint film is typically made of a thin layer of polyester film that is coated with a layer of special chemicals that can block or absorb specific wavelengths of light. This coating can include dyes, metals, and/or ceramics, which are used to create a specific level of tint or heat reduction. Static cling window tint will usually be made with PVC while there are a variety of materials that normal adhesive window tint is made with. EVOFILM is made of soft PVC.

The film used in window tint film is generally produced through a process called extrusion, which involves melting the polyester pellets and then forcing the molten material through a die to create a continuous sheet of film. This sheet is then coated with the special chemicals to create the desired tint and/or heat reduction properties.

The exact composition of the chemicals used in window tint film can vary depending on the specific product and the manufacturer, but they are typically designed to block or absorb certain wavelengths of light without significantly affecting visibility through the window.

Some of the benefits window tint film include:

  1. Privacy: Window tint film can provide privacy by reducing the visibility of the interior of the car from the outside.
  2. Energy savings: Window tint film can help to reduce energy costs by blocking out heat in the summer.
  3. UV protection: Window tint film can block harmful UV rays that can cause damage to the skin and fade interior and other items inside the car.

Overall, removable window tint film is a versatile and convenient option for those who want the benefits of window tinting without the long-term commitment. It is easy to apply and remove, and can be a great solution for temporary living spaces or rental properties.

EVOFILM has the highest quality

EVOFILM offers excellent protection against both UV light and IR radiation, privacy and energy savings. EVOFILM is manufactured by one of the world's largest manufacturer of secondary plastics. They also a leading manufacturer of polyester fibers and copper clad laminates of the electronic materials in the world. This ensures that EVOFILM always maintains the absolute highest material quality.

EVOFILM is safe

The EVOFILM is certified according to the European Union's REACH regulatory system for protection against dangerous chemicals, and according to EN71-3, for protection against the migration of harmful substances,  a regulation which is also used, for example, for toys.